Cnoc Ná Ros Old Boys

Cnoc NA Ros ( Hill of the Roses) was founded as a social club in the Rosemount area in 1925. We still have in our possession the original Memorandum of Agreement with its old 2-Shilling stamp dated March 7th 1925 signed by its founders William Quigley and Francis Mellon.


THE FIRST sighting of Rosemount’s representation in the North-West competitive snooker and billiards circuit arrived in 1928, the year when the then recently-formed Cnoc-Na-Ros Club joined the Association ranks.After an unfortunate fire in the original club in 1973 Cnoc Ná Ros ceased to function.


The late 1990s marked the return to the scene of the Cnoc-Na-Ros epithet, now an old boys club housed in Rosemount Resource Centre. Since then, the club has proved one of the staunchest supporters of the North-West Veterans’ Snooker League and Cup competitions, sometimes fielding as many as three teams and fulfilling the fixture programme with the utmost diligence. As a snooker club Cnoc Ná Ros run several internal competitions per year and participate in all major North West competitions.


Cnoc Ná Ros (Hill of the Roses) was founded as a social club in the Rosemount Resource Centre