The purpose of this group is to provide a support and a resource within the community which can act as a first step in dealing with the issue. The formation of the group coincided with the death of a young boy from solvent abuse. Following a public meeting it was agreed that a network of support needed to be established at local level, capable of offering immediate help but also capable of developing greater awareness. As with our training and Welfare Rights projects we felt very strongly that it was of little use to offer the wife of an abusive alcoholic husband or the mother of a young drug user, a course in addiction studies if we could not offer some immediate help, even if it only be a listening ear. Neither was there much point in offering cups of coffee and sympathy if it was obvious that the problem would re-emerge within a few days or weeks The immediate crisis had to be resolved but a programme of awareness and understanding leading to a long term intervention had to be developed.


Since its inception NWCA on Drugs and Alcohol has developed relationships with groups such as AA, AI Anon, Northlands, OA and Addiction Unit. We have sent a number of our members to be trained in delivery of DQLA ( Drugs Questions Local Answers).



An initiative aimed at curbing underage drinking in the Glen and Rosemount areas of Derry is proving to be a success, organisers say. Launched in January of this year