The Rosemount Resource Centre felt very strongly that our Educational needs should be dictated by us and that as an organisation we should as far as possible , have an input in design, delivery and evaluation. In the past we  developed agreements with Magee (NUU) and Ruskin College ( Oxford) for the delivery of community studies and Womens Studies to be run in our Centre.Currently we are working along side the NWIFHE and WEA For delivery of core skills and essential learning programmes.This has allowed us to deliver community education tailored to the needs of the groups involved.

The Rosemount Resource Centre provides Adult Learning to the Community this service

we hope to deliver free however in some circumstances there will be a one off fee depending on the body/group that is delivering the courses.

Our aim is that you will:

September 2013 courses:

 Courses Starting Sept 2013




Time table:  OPEN DAY REGISTRATION Wednesday 11th sept  2pm – 4.30pm



IT for the terrified ….10 week course …14 participants…..


Guitar Beg/Adv…..     10 week course


Essential Skills……..23 week course (level 2 equivalent to O'Level )

Start I.T...... 23 week course





Monday morning 10am – 12 am …..IT for the terrified


Thursday Evening   7pm -8pm ……… Guitar Beg/Adv


Thursday morning  10am – 12am ….. Start I.T

Monday/Wednesday 7 - 9pm....... Essential Skills ( Maths /English)





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