Job Assist provides an easier and more successful journey towards employment. By working in partnership with the Rosemount Resource Centre we aim to help people reach their full potential by providing confidential advice and information, aid in the enhancement of skills, strengths, self confidence and belief by offering employment, education and training. We work closely with employers, and individuals to help find the best option for you. Any programme that we have to offer will not affect your BENEFITS. Job Assist is a Voluntary Community Programme you can join at anytime and leave at anytime and whilst Job Assist work in partnership with DYCW who provide the steps to work and training for success and other various programme. We at Job Assist can offer you specific training to suit your needs.  

Steps to work is an innovative programme to help you move into employment. The programme allows you to gain work experience, accredited qualifications and training. You will be allocated an advisor who will help and guide you along the process



Anyone aged 18 years or over or;
Lone parents aged 16 or over who are not working or working less than 16 hours per week.

  Benefits of Steps to work

Personalised advice and guidance to help you make the right choices
Help to find and remain in work
You can retrain while remaining on benefit plus receive a weekly training             premium
Opportunity to gain recognised qualifications
Opportunity to improve existing skills
Opportunities for work experience
Assistance towards cost of child care


The benefits of Training For Success
No entry requirements
Weekly allownace of £40 (non means tested EMA)
Substantial bonuses available up to £350
Travel allowance
Free child care
Flexibility of sampling different vocational area until you find the  best fit for you

Placement work with local employers
Class sizes are small
Access to full time youth support worker
Activities and trips away
Tutors highly qualified to deal with individual learning needs

Attention all school leavers...We provide ‘Skills For Your Life & Skills For Work’

Training For Success is a programme for 16-18 year olds, (although it can be extended to 21, further information is available on request), designed to provide you with the skills, confidence and knowledge that will enable you to find work.

Job Assist

Steps to work

Training for success


The Below training schemes are provided by the Derry Youth and Community Workshop