Rosemount Resource Centre has for almost eight years been involved in some level of youth work, running one off specific project, negotiating with small groups of local youth, coordinating local youth involvement in wider youth activities and dealing with individuals on a one to one basis. 

Approximately six years ago we undertook to establish an ongoing semi-regular youth project based in our Centre to be known as the Rosemount Youth Forum.  This project was to be the first step in establishing and Outer West Youth Forum representing all of the youth groups and interests in this wider area.  Until Children in Need funding became available all of this activity and work was carried out on a purely voluntary basis and as such was necessarily of an Ad Hoc nature with little resources or formal structure.

Children In Need funding has allowed us to employ some staff and structure our activities and input in a  much more efficient and coordinated manner.



Rosemount Youth Drop-In

The Youth Drop In centre is an informal holistic service where activities are created for young people depending on their needs. The drop in centre creates a casual atmosphere so that the young people can access a place to feel safe and to come and relaxThe Youth Drop In operates on a three night basis within the RRC. These sessions last approximately three hours and an average of 20 young people participate within them.The young people participating in these sessions are often the hardest to reach within society.Activities included within the drop in have included:Pool


Computer games

Training courses

Peer to peer support

Group discussions and open debates

Additionally, employability advice is supplied on site for the 20/20 project for the young people to avail of.

On Street Intervention

Our on street intervention team operate two weekend evenings per week from 7pm until 10pm on Fridays and 7.30pm to 9pm on Saturdays.

The on street intervention team interact with young people who are detached from mainstream youth provision. These youths hang around the Rosemount area every weekend with very little to do and therefore some of these young people end up on the street drinking. The majority however are just there to hang around.

During their time on the street the team has also came into contact with young people under the heavy influence of drink and drugs which has sometimes resulted in immediate intervention with PSNI, emergency services and Derry City Council Community Safety Wardens.

The main duty of this team is to offer alternatives to the young people in the Rosemount and surrounding areas. The team hold events and activities in the RRC, Brooke Park leisure centre and have facilitated trips away to other community settings and areas of the city, in order to provide the young people with an alternative to drinking.