This project has been in existence for a number of years, ever since the collapse of the former Ceausescu regime in Romania. It operates in the main from the Methodist Mission in Crawford Square. Rosemount Resource Centre has over the years established a relationship with the mission with some of their residents accessing a variety of projects and services. With this type of close relationship it was inevitable that our Centre would become involved with the Romanian project.


The main emphasis of our work to date has been to assist the North West Romanian Relief Fund provide resources for orphanages. As part of this effort we have developed a small network of families connected to the Centre who sponsor a child each to come to Ireland for a short holiday. We also use the Centres network to collect items such as bedding. medicines or money as required.


We believe that our involvement with this project allows us to share our experiences and help those who need it most whilst at the same time allows us to benefit from the rich culture and experience of the Romanian people.It is, if you like a means of looking beyond our own immediate problems and borders and allows us to take  a broader European viewof community development and to challenge any inherent tendency towards racism or xenophobia.